I'm not a doctor. However, I follow the advice and teachings of no fewer than twelve doctors and scientists who have been preventing, halting the progression of, and reversing our leading chronic diseases and killers for more than five decades. These include high blood pressure, obesity, insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes, cardio vascular disease, MS, Parkinson's, auto immune diseases, many cancers and more.

I would never expect any of you to take what I say at face value. In fact I encourage all of you to do the research yourselves. I did, and it saved my life. And I'm not alone. There are countless success stories and health transformations being shared every day.

Click HERE for a comprehensive list of doctors, scientists, nutritionists, public figures, athletes and resources that will get you started down the path to Your Life of Optimal Health & Happiness. (If you are currently taking prescription medicines I imagine all of these practitioners would advise you to check with your doctor(s) before you make any changes to your diet, exercise routine or modify your current treatment protocol. I agree, it would be very dangerous to do otherwise. Make sure your doctor(s) is involved with any change, reduction in dosage or stoppage of prescription medications as your illnesses regress and hopefully reverse completely.)