Samuel L. Jackson

Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson became an unlikely poster boy for veganism after losing 42 pounds on a diet – and now he has revealed his motivation: he recently survived a life-threatening blood clot in his leg.

The 66-year-old Pulp Fiction actor, who is fronting men’s cancer charity One For The Boys, claims adopting a no-meat, no-dairy lifestyle has transformed his health.

‘Because I was losing weight, people thought I was dying. They feared I had cancer, but I was just on a hardcore vegan regime,’ says the star. ‘My doctor said it was my greatest chance of staying alive – and it worked.

‘I lost weight, lowered my blood pressure, lowered my cholesterol levels and my body mass index. But I’m lucky. I’m forced to get a full medical before every film otherwise I can’t get insurance. The average man doesn’t have that luxury, so it’s important they stay vigilant.’

* The content of this page was excerpted from a 2015 Mail Online article.

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